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Screening / Shortlisting

Screening / Shortlisting

Screening starts after completion of the process of sourcing the candidates. Screening is the process of filtering the applications of the candidates for further selection process.

Screening is an integral part of recruitment process that helps in removing unqualified or irrelevant candidates, which were received through sourcing. The screening process of recruitment consists of three steps −

Reviewing of Resumes and Cover Letters

Reviewing is the first step of screening candidates. In this process, the resumes of the candidates are reviewed and checked for the candidates’ education, work experience, and overall background matching the requirement of the job

While reviewing the resumes, an HR executive must keep the following points in mind, to ensure better screening of the potential candidates −

  • Reason for change of job
  • Longevity with each organization
  • Long gaps in employment
  • Job-hopping
  • Lack of career progression

Conducting Telephonic or Video Interview

Conducting telephonic or video interviews is the second step of screening candidates. In this process, after the resumes are screened, the candidates are contacted through phone or video by the hiring manager. This screening process has two outcomes −

  • It helps in verifying the candidates, whether they are active and available.
  • It also helps in giving a quick insight about the candidate’s attitude, ability to answer interview questions, and communication skills.

Identifying the top candidates

Identifying the top candidates is the final step of screening the resumes/candidates. In this process, the cream/top layer of resumes are shortlisted, which makes it easy for the hiring manager to take a decision. This process has the following three outcomes −

  • Shortlisting 5 to 10 resumes for review by the hiring managers
  • Providing insights and recommendations to the hiring manager
  • Helps the hiring managers to take a decision in hiring the right candidate
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