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Privacy Policy

Please read our compnay Trems & Conditions

General terms and conditions for hiring Nepalese manpower and can be negotiated reasonably and mutually between the employer and the deploying agency as per the labour act of the concerning countries and based on the number and the categories of manpower deployed. All recruitment agencies in Nepal must following the general terms and condition in the recruitment of manpower in Nepal.

SALARY: The salaries of the workers are normally according to their trade. However, the salary varies from country to country. The Government of Nepal has also set a minimum salary standard so the salary offered must not be below the set salary scale or government of Nepal will not grand final permission for workers to be deployed from Kathmandu, Nepal.

WORKING HOURS AND CONTRACT PERIOD: The normal working hours is 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. However for some trade the working hours can be different which can be taken into consideration. The contract period is normally a minimum of 2 years. Over time is provided if the workers who for more than the hours set in the Employment Agreement conditions.

PROBATION PERIOD: The Probation period is normal 90 days or 3 months from the date of arrival. If any worker is found to be medically unfit during this probation period and if any workers who was selected by Mithila Int’l Service P.Ltd. on behave of the client is found to be unfit trade wise during this probation period, such worker’s repatriation is fully borne by MIS P.LTD.

ACCOMODATION AND FOOD: Accommodation must be provided by the Employer. Food is either provided by the Employer or food allowance is provided by the Employer. LOCAL TRANSPORTATION: This is provided by the Employer free of cost. MEDICAL CARE: Free Medical is provided by the Employer AIR PASSAGE: Economy class air ticket is provided by the Employer after the completion of the contract period by the Employee.

Re-patriation: If any workers, supplied by us, found medically and/or professionally UNFIT and/or refuse to work in his/her personnal reasons within probation period, we repatriate such workers and such repatration will be fully borne by us.

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