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Direct Recruitment

Direct recruitment refers to the external source of recruitment where the recruitment of qualified candidates are done by placing a notice of vacancy on the notice board in the organization.

Employee Referrals

Employee referrals is an effective way of sourcing the right candidates at a low cost. It is the process of hiring new resources through the references of employees, who are currently working with the organization.

Sources of Recruitment

Internal sources of recruitment refer to hiring employees within the organization internally. In other words, applicants seeking for the different positions are those who are currently employed with the same organization.

Job Evaluation

Job evaluation is a comparative process of analyzing, assessing, and determining the relative value/worth of a job in relation to the other jobs in an organization.

Job Analysis

Job analysis is a process of identifying, analyzing, and determining the duties, responsibilities, skills, abilities, and work environment of a specific job.


Licensed recruiting agents are authorized by the Nepal’s Government to recruit personnel for foreign employment on behalf of overseas employers to procure vacancies.

Staffing Solution

We offer exclusive services in recruitment process outsourcing, professional staffing, organized labor supply and headhunting,if required; through our highly qualified and dedicated team of recruitment professionals.

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